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Rescue One is a proud Canadian company!
Help us out by donating - every person who donates $9.11 or more gets a free CPR keychain/pocket mask!

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Masks prevent disease transmission by keeping blood and other bodily fluids out of rescuers, and should be carried at all times.
Rescue One's masks are the smallest available, able to be carried on a keychain - forgotten about until they're needed, and then they're right with you.
The government requires every business in Ontario to have trained First Aiders, and requires First Aid kits to have certain things in them.
You need to know the rules, or you're risking your business. Click here to check those rules out.
180-Piece Compact First Aid Kits
When you don't want a bulky or hard metal first aid kit, you need a cost-effective option, and Rescue One has it.

Our compact Blue Kit gives you 180 pieces, is small to get out of your way until needed, and doesn't break the bank.

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